Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So much for July...

July was insane. Weddings every weekend, two of which were weekends out of town, constant photoshoots & then all that at home work that comes with being a photographer. I love my job don't get me wrong, but I do get so busy sometimes that I fail at doing anything but being a mom & being a photographer. I am a crappy wife, friend...and just about anything else when I get busy. I just don't have time for it. But, it is worth it so I shouldn't complain too much.

Besides from work life has been the same expect for one BIG exception. I am no longer the mother of a 4 year old.

KEGAN IS 5!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is just CRAZY! My boy is 5! He is so big & so handsome! I can't get over it! I know all us moms say it, but I can't believe he is 5 already! It seems like it wasn't that long ago I was giving birth & bringing him home. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Giving him baths in the kitchen in his blue tub, napping on the couch together & playing on the floor with all  his favorite toys. I still give him baths, just not in a blue tub even though I know he wished he had one. We still nap on the couch together from time to time & we for sure still play with his favorite toys together on the floor. We...I mean KEGAN put together a bunch of his Lego stuff that he got for his birthday. All by himself. I was extremely impressed with his Lego skills because those suckers are not easy to do!

Then we have little sister Karie who I think it finally hitting her terrible twos...or her teenage years. Girl has been quite a Diva lately. Love her of course, but I could really live without the 'tude sometimes. She is pretty funny however. She says the silliest stuff that you can't help but laugh about.

Things at my house are going to be pretty "dirty" for the next month or so. I came home yesterday to my street all torn up. I currently live on a dirt road. It's not awesome, but it does mean we will have drains in our roads, curbs & of course a freshly paved brand new street. It is however pretty bad timing because Kegan's Birthday Party is 3.5 weeks ago. I am hoping they are far enough along that we can drive on the street. I would hate to have all our guests have to park on the block over & walk. We are lucky enough that we aren't in the middle of the road. That would be a huge pain to walk that. We can still drive on it now but it won't be long until we are parking & walking. Not looking forward to that. I shouldn't complain though because it will be awesome once it is all done. Nothing great comes without some sacrifice.

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