Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh July! I forgot about you too!!!

Well, we are this close > < to being in the house. We had to rip out the floors...more of them...and kind of start over so that pushed us back. We painted the house again. Yup. It looks 454543546 times better! So, until I get a good!!!

We also added a new member to the family!

His name is Kooper. Yup. Kooper Coopet. lol He came with the name & we kept it because it's oh so funny!

Kegan turned 4!!! OMG 4! I have a 4 year old!!!! Wow! He is getting so big now! It is just crazy!!!!

Of course we can't forgot Miss Crazy Karie who we all love & is also getting really big!