Saturday, May 21, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Just a few pictures of my kiddos to share. I swear if they got any cuter, I'd die!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gay, Straight, Black, White Marriage is a Civil Right!

I am going to get political on here for a moment...or 10! This is my blog, so I shall use it as I see fit. I don't really like to talk politics most of the time. It is a very touchy subject & has caused many friendships to crumble. While I respect that people have different opinions on things, there are some things, that I just don't budge on. One of those few issues is the right for ANYONE to get married. Gay, Straight, Black, White Marriage is a Civil Right!

Recently some Minnesota Lawmakers have decided that they want to vote on Love. They want to make an amendment stating that in Minnesota you can only get married if you are a man and a woman, making Gay Marriage illegal. Since when did we vote on straight peoples right to marry? Oh wait. We didn't. We didn't because the Bible said it was okay. But who says we all have to believe that book. I am not Christian. Why should they force their beliefs on everyone else. That isn't fair. Most of the people that are Christan's don't follow that book 100% anyways. If they did, most people wouldn't have sex before marriage, they wouldn't use birth control & hell, they would be saints. That just isn't it. Sadly, most of the hardcore Christan's that I know, are the most judgmental people that I know. I am not saying all, just most that I know. They are setting a pretty bad example as a Christan because doesn't it say in the Bible not the judge people because that is God's job?

But, I digress. This isn't a post about being a good Christan. It's about Gay Marriage & their right to have the same rights as any other couple in love. Monday afternoon several hundred of us Rallied together at our State Capitol to try & put a stop to this amendment. I love everyone! I feel awful that these people can't marry because someone says it isn't okay. That is just ridiculous! I had to go to this Rally as a straight person to take a stand. To show that just because I am straight, that doesn't mean I am against Gay Marriage. These people need other people to stand up with them! They need people to fight with them for their right to marry the person they love.

Lets digress for just a second again. Back to being a Christan. In the Bible it talks about how divorce is wrong & la de da. So why isn't divorce illegal? If they want to make Gay Marriage illegal, make divorce illegal as well. I bet that would change the tune of many lawmakers who have been through pretty nasty divorces. Wouldn't it suck to be married to someone who you aren't in love with anymore? Maybe someone who cheated, since we hear that far too often. It was even announced today that the reason Senator Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated on his wife & they are getting divorced after 25 years of marriage. That is wrong according to the Bible. So is Gay Marriage. So why do these Lawmakers get to pick & choose what parts of the Bible they want to follow?

I know, I am all over the place! Forgive me! Back to the Rally. So I headed down there with Karie (Kegan stayed with my aunt as I thought it would be a little too difficult to bring both my crazy preschoolers to an event with so many people. I knew however, that I had to bring one of the kids. Karie showed interest. She insisted that Captain Hook was going to be there. She thinks he is Gay because he wears a dress & she is okay with that because "Being girls is pretty coo & if I was a boy I would want to be a girl too." lol I love my kids. We should all think like them in some ways. They are born only knowing love! They are taught hate & discrimination!! So I brought her & met up with a high school friend Abby & the two little ones that she nannies for. The oldest is Karie's age & the youngest isn't a walker yet so she just hung out in the carrier most of the time. Worked out great. The kids sat around & ate snacks while Abby, myself & the rest of the hundreds of people there made our voice very well known!

There were many chants that went on.

Gay, Straight, Black, White Marriage is a Civil Right

No Amendment

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho
Bigotry Has Got to Go

Not to mention the crowd breaking out in song singing "All You Need is Love" by the Beatles. It was nice to be apart of something I feel so strongly about! It was great to see so many people Gay & straight fighting for something in a none violent way!

I planned to take a ton of pictures but I am too busy fighting for equal rights!

The kids did great as well! I really hope that we made a difference. I think we did. We will know tomorrow if the amendment passes to go on the 2012 ballot. I hope not. I don't want to see a year and a half of awful commercials about how Gay marriage is bad. I don't get why people think that. Why? Why is Gay marriage so bad? Why do people care about who other people love?

Fine don't call it Marriage then. I know that word freaks a lot of Christan's out when talking about Gay Marriage. Fine, call it a Civil Union then if it freaks you out. Just let them have their RIGHTS! As a matter of fact, I am not married in the eyes of God I guess. Just by the state. My husband & I did not have a religious ceremony. Religion did not play a part in our wedding. So, I had a Civil Union then. But, it was easy for us because I am a woman & my husband is a man. It should be that simple for any other couple. Don't vote on equality. Haven't we already gone through this enough? At one point in time women couldn't vote. African Americans were held as slaves! That is insanity!!!! WHY IS THIS EVEN AN ISSUE ANYMORE?! WHY CAN'T WE JUST ALL GET ALONG?!

I don't want my children to grow up in a world like that! I have always taught them, and will continue to teach them that EVERYONE is equal no matter who they love, what color their skin is or if they have a disability. We are all equal.

In our Constitution it says "All men are created equal." So let EQUAL win!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The joy of nice weather!

Anyone who knows me, knows that winter is my least favorite season. I pretend I like it, but really, I downright hate it. I hate being cold. I hate jackets, I hate boots, I hate hats & mittens. I pretend, but, I hate it. It is has been a cold Spring. Several days with snow, lots of rain & insanely windy. Those few warm days we have we spend most of it outside. That includes meals even! I love grilling so any chance to do that tickle's my soul. I love it!

Yesterday was so nice! I was so excited to stay out & stay out late. The kids got dirty, they chased the dogs, looked for bunnies & helped pick up sticks for the bonfire. Kegan loves to climb so it was no surprise he climbed up the tree stump. Even less surprising was him jumping off...over and over again. He jumps off everything!

He is such a boy!!! Although he does not like to get dirty. He is getting better though. If he is outside, being dirty is okay. It is okay because at least we are outside! Inside & dirty is a whole other story! lol He is my boy though. I adore him. He is oh so handsome!!

How can you not love that face?!

Then we have Karie...aka Mimi. Or Moo. Those are her nicknames of the moment. Her names are often changing for whatever the mood is. Moo is there all the time. Not even sure where that even came from. But, it's there. Karie loves to be outside too. She loves the dogs. She would spend all day petting them, chasing them & loving them!

More than anything she wants a dog of her own. Hawk loves her only when he can't cuddle with me. Kooper loves everyone but he is so big & goofy. She wants a little dog to love. Someday it will happen.

She is silly however. She is always making funny faces & saying the funniest things. Well, and dressing pretty silly too. See her leggers & rain boots? lol Silly girl! I love her.

I am truly blessed for such amazing kids. I adore them!!!