Friday, August 26, 2011

Mini Vacation is just what I needed!

It was about a month ago that my dad invited us up north for their yearly family trip. I didn't know if we could make it work because I am so insanely busy with work. I did everything I could & was able to squeeze two days dry to go! Kyle was orginally supposed to come but with Kegan's birthday party this Sunday & all the work that needed to be done around the he had to stay home.

Early Wednesday morning I drove 3 hours solo with my two kiddos. Armed with snacks, a DVD player, countless movies, water and ear buds for me we ventured north! I do have to give a shout to I Heart Radio and the Dave Ryan In the Morning channel! It saved me! I love listening to music but I love to listen & sing. Not so easy when two little ones are trying to watch Robots. So I plugged in my iPhone & listened to that show all the way up there. It was grand!

10:59am we arrived at beautiful Clamshell Beach Resort! The cabin was small & rustic (don't worry we had running water & electricity) but it was RIGHT ON THE BEACH! You walked out the door & it was pretty much right there! It was so awesome! We took no time to settle in & head out on our first adventure of the trip!

We took a boat ride to "Big Island". Not sure if that is what it is really called, but that is what we called it. It was a short boat ride which was probably a good thing because the wind was crazy! 20MPH! Darn near blew the kiddos off the dock! It was crazy! We tied the boat off to a tree on shore & hiked around.

O rly?! I see no tree!

Piggy back rides were a hit with the kids this week. Pretty sure Karie didn't walk anywhere! She was on Tyler's back the entire time. Tyler is my 10 year old brother if you didn't know. Wyatt is another brother of mine who was there as well. He is 7, his birthday is today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WYATT! 

The trees were amazingly tall. You can see in the picture on the right of my dad giving Kegan a piggy back ride just how tall they are. Oh, and sun flare how I love you!

After the boat ride & hike we hit up the pool. They had two pools. A kiddie pool & a deeper pool for the big kids. I say big kids because any adult that gets into a pool automatically turns into a big kid!

My brothers had a blast being through up in the air over and over and over again!

The girls didn't swim much. We worked on our color. ;) lol

As you can see Karie was none too thrilled we had to leave the pool. lol I adore the first picture with the random beam of light coming down on her insanely cute pouty face. Honestly, how am I supposed to be mad at this face?!

When night fell the kids stayed inside & read books. My kids, like my brothers, love books so it worked out well. I failed to bring books but the boys had plenty. Uncle Tyler, that still makes me lol, was a great book reader & story teller.

Scat Cat was a popular book. I heard those words come out of the kids mouths many many MANY times the past few days!

Thursday was the day I planned to go home. We were having so much fun that we decided to stay another night. We got up & I had to do something with Karie's insane hair so I attempted my first french braid.

Not so bad if I do say so myself. I need to work on it more but it really helped keep her bangs out of her face. If you don't remember a few months ago Karie took scissors to her bangs. 8 months of growing them out were shot! Boo!

While we were waiting for the adults to get ready the kids built a sand castle. I can't lie, I really got into it. The littlest ones helped bring water to the lake for our mote.

It was a nice group effort! It was nice that the resort provided all sorts of sand toys. They had a huge container of every kind of sand castle building thing you could think of and things I wouldn't even think of as well!!

Finally we ventured on another boat ride. This time with the knee board & wake board. My kiddos are too small to do either one but loved watching Tyler, Wyatt & Grandpa John do them!

Tyler went on the knee board first. He is so good at it. Look at that! I could NEVER turn around completely like that!!!!!! He did take some nice diggers though & I totally thought he would be in pain after but he fine! Tough kid!

Next was my dad on the wake board. Now this is impressive. I always tease him that is old, but I could NEVER do this!

It is just crazy! He makes it look so easy but it isn't. I didn't even attempt it this time. I have only gotten up once on this thing once & I didn't feel like making a fool out of myself this time. Maybe next year! lol

After we did that we docked & the kids REALLY wanted to go fishing. They have never done it before. Kyle isn't a fisherman & I don't like to touch fish or take them off the hook. I like to fish, but after I catch it I can't do anything else! lol So with the help of Tyler once again, my first had their first fishing trip. Karie loved it more than Kegan. She even held the fish!

Look that them! How cute?! That is so how I was as a kid. I wasn't afraid to hold the fish or touch it...or whatever. lol Oh to be young & innocent! We then headed to the pool again. The kids swam & my dad & I played horse shoes. I'd never played before. My dad creamed me in the first game, I beat him in the second game & then he beat me by 1 point in the 3rd! Well played!

We got cleaned up for dinner. We decided to go out to dinner to a place about a half hour away. There isn't much in up in that area so it was always to drive to go somewhere.

Instead of driving we decided to take the boat. How fun right?! Driving the boat to dinner. Pretty sure that is the coolest mode of transpiration in the summer ever. It was a great ride. A far ride, but everyone loved it!

The place we ate was of course right on the water. Even better was that we could watch the sunset as we ate dinner. It was an amazing sunset. 

I took these right off the Pier at the restaurant. It was so pretty!!! The weather was prefect outside & match this perfect sunset! Then it was the boat ride home.

The kids stood on the boat & watched it for a while. They watched the other boats & we even saw a plane flying around the lake as well. It was beautiful end to the day.

When we got home we had a bonfire. It wasn't long before Kegan was passed out on me. lol Not surprising. If he lays in my lap & I touch his head, he is out! Karie was a little harder to put down but I only had to lay in bed with her for a few minutes before she was out.

I had plans that night. I take pictures of the sky. So many people never seen the stars like this. It blows my mind since I have seen them many times. I swear tonight though, it was so much more vivid & beautiful than I remember. The Milky Way was out in full force. I laid on the dock, my dad on boat & we chatted while I took pictures.

It almost looks fake it was so pretty. When you are laying there looking it, you really feel small. It is impossible to lay there & think that we are alone in this universe. It would be a shame if it was all wasted on us!!!

The next day, today, was short lived as we needed to leave around nap time. We made the most of the day. Sang Happy Birthday to Wyatt, had breakfast & went out for another small fishing excursion on the dock.

This time both kids held the fish! Of course we have Tyler the helper! Wyatt was too busy playing with his new birthday presents to venture out with us!

Sadly it was time to leave. We packed out bags, said our goodbyes & headed out. It wasn't anymore than 10 minutes later that the kiddos fell asleep.

I say SUCCESS! I can't wait to do this again next year!!!! I took 532 pictures on my camera & 135 on my phone! As you can see many pictures on here were from my iPhone! Hopefully next year Kyle can come along & so he can join in on all the fun!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Clamshell Beach

Yesterday I woke up at 6:30. I showered, drank my coffee & went over my list of things I needed for our over night 3 hours away at Clamshell Beach Resort. I wanted to arrive no later than 11. I showed up at 10:59. lol Pretty good since I drove with the kids by myself & we made 2 stops. One for gas & one for food.

Day 1 was a blast. Boating, hiking, swimming, gaming & eating ice cream. While it was insanely windy it was fun. I plan to go into more detail on another post.

Day 2, today & the day we plan to leave has been fantastic as well. Boating, swimming in the pool, grilling & fishing off the dock were just a few things we did. The kids are having so much fun we decided to stay one more night & leave at nap tomorrow. Around 11-12. 

Summer is so short, I need to take advantage of everyday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So What Wednesday....

Time for some SO WHAT Wednesday....


* I am wrote this post on Tuesday & saved it so I could post it Wednesday since I will be in the middle of nowhere without a laptop on Wednesday.
* My husband is at home doing yard work & house work while I am on a Mini Vacation with my kids & some of my family.
* I downloaded the entire Britney Spears Discography so I could have a Britney Spears Dance Party.
* I haven't painted my finger nails & toe nails in over 3 weeks.
* My daughter has 17 pairs of shoes...that she actually wears.
* I have a really big hat that I like to wear all the time.
* I dance & sing really loud to every song on the radio even if I don't know the words.


Monday, August 22, 2011

My Week According to Instagram

So here is my second addtion to My Week According to Instagram. Whitney from We're Making History does her's on Sunday. I am a crazy & I have to do it Monday. I feel like I can't split up the weekend even though that is how it is on the calendar. That bothers me. lol

1. Our streets are now officially under construction. Boo. Monday they bent a gas line that needed to be fixed ASAP. It was loud ALL day!
2. Kegan & Kooper sat at the window most of the day to watch if they weren't outside watching. lol
3. I came home from a client meeting Monday night & found the boys passed out on the couch. It was just after 8pm. lol
4. I finally got around to hanging up some of my photobooth pictures. Just recently we started going into every photobooth at the weddings we shoot. It's fun.
5. Kyle bought a LOT of plants. lol
6. It has been busy. I sent out 7 sessions!
7. Showing off my blog since I was a huge fail before & never had a layout really. lol
8. My kid LOVES Lego's so much! He was so excited that he was able to build this by himself.
9. Busy busy month!
10. I was cleaning the pantry & found my bottle of BacO's....empty. Thanks Kyle. Did I mention he just eats them from the jar? lol
11. Just for Whitney. ;)
12. A photo of a photo from my Friday wedding! Myself & one of my favorite groomsmen of the day.
13. This is a VERY new thing. Karie holding Hawk. I am still shocked he let this happen.
14. If you haven't seen this movie, you should. I was at a party that night & we were talking about that movie. We went inside to use the bathroom & I come out to see Amanda holding that movie. I died. Pretty sure I am going to watch it tonight!
15. Hands down in my top 3 weddings! Mara & Matt ROCKED it! SO SO SO CUTE!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sibling Love

While cleaning the kitchen this evening I hear laughs & silly screams coming from the living room. I thought they were just being funny & reading books to each other but I was wrong. I peak around the corner & notice the kids have my laptop open & they were taking pictures with my webcam. I normally don't let them play on this computer & they are only allowed on the desktop but I was very curious to see what these pictures would look like. So I let them play & see what happens. They came out pretty awesome. They didn't want to stop but bedtime was already past so I said they could do it another day.

These two little creatures are amazing. They have so much personality & I am so happy at how amazing they have grown to be! And, of course what would a post about funny pictures be without the funny pictures!

I love them so much!