Monday, August 15, 2011

My Week According to Instagram

In attempt to keep my blog updated I am taking a cue from the FABULOUS Whitney from We're Making History & doing "My Week According to Instagram". If you don't want what Instagram is, you are missing out! It's a fun, free, app to share pictures for the iPhone. I am always taking pictures with my iPhone so it is fun to share them. You can to put fun filters over them too. Nothing fancy but that is okay. So every week I am going to do "My Week According to Instagram" just for the fun of it!

So we'll start from the beginning!

1. I went to the Zoo with my girlfriend Emily on Monday. Gotta love the lazy Tiger laying right next to the window.
2. Kegan in the Zoo Boo sign!
3. Karie in the Zoo Boo sign! I love these things.
4. My brother, Tyler, and I went to Valleyfair on Tuesday. We are silly.
5. Tyler is a prize winner!
6. For Kegan's 5th Birthday he was given a ton of Lego's. He built them all buy himself with no help! Genuis!
7. I finally got my hair colored!
8. 2 of my 3 favorite people in the world sleeping. This was so sweet to wake up to!
9. This is my job. I had the best bridesmaids EVER at my Friday wedding. They totally rocked it!
10. It has been a while but Kyle & I went to breakfast & had Blood Mary's for Bloody Mary Sunday. It was nice to have a date!
11. My morning cuddly buddy, Kooper. How can you not love that face?!

1 comment:

  1. The one of Kyle and Karie sleeping ABSOLUTELY melts my heart to a big ol' puddle of mush. It's seriously the sweetest photos in the whole wide world.