Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pinehaven Farm Field Trip

The day after the Run Hop Ride Fundraiser was the Field Trip to Pinehaven Farm. They needed parents to volunteer so I did. Kegan wanted me to go. If he didn't, I wouldn't have gone. I don't want to be one of THOSE parents!

Each parent had their kid & one other kid to keep track of. I had Kegan & Saywer but also had Kegan's friend Stevie tag along with us too.

Stevie, Saywer & Kegan. Look how cute they are!!!

Our group went to feed the animals first. There were lots of animals there & the kids loved it. They got all the food that they wanted to keep them which is so nice.

This makes me want a goat, however I don't want to clean up all their poop. lol

After feeding the animals they went & got their pumpkins. Parents got them too which was great. I was going to buy one for Karie but this worked great! After that we went to the playground. The kids LOVED this & honestly would have spend the entire trip there.

There were slides EVERYWHERE! This slide was the first one that most of the kids went on until they found the barn with like 6 different slides in it. They pretty much lived in that thing!

Of course I had to crawl in here to get some pictures. lol

They also had these trikes on steroids for the kids to ride around on.

They were hardcore!

The place was awesome & we for sure have to go back. Even if it was just for the park. I know Karie would really enjoy it!

Run Hop Ride

Kegan's Pre K school is in desperate need of a new playground. Currently they have a wooden play set that is about 20 years old. They are raising money to buy a new one. A metal one that will last a lot longer. Those things are cheap so they had something fun for the kids to do to raise money. In the past they sold things. AKA the parents had to sell stuff because the kids are far too little to do that. So this was perfect. They have a race. They wanted each kid to raise $100. That way they'd be half way to their goal.

Kegan raised $125. I bet if he would have asked more people he could have raised more. But $125 is more than the goal so I am proud of him.

I worked at the race. They needed parents to help out & direct the kids where to go. I helped out at the tunnel. I cheered for kids to run to me & then cheer for them as they crawled through the tunnel. If you know me. you know I probably rocked this. haha I am such a cheery happy dork so just picture me with Pom Poms cheering really loud for these little 4 & 5 year old kids. lol It was fun.

Kyle was off the day of the race so when it was Kegan time to run he came out with Karie to take a video of it. I forgot to mention too that each kid ran alone. I thought that was awesome so that every kid won!

First the kids rode on a scooter or a bike.

They walked on a balance beam (which I didn't get a picture of) and then they ran to me! RUN RUN RUN!

The then tunnel. It was pretty little but the kids are little. You wouldn't catch me in that thing! lol

Stepping stones & then the Finish line! I love it! So cute!

At the end of the race we had all the kiddos pose under the Finish line for some pictures.

How cute is his class? They all go a little "Winner" ribbon. Kegan wore is ALL day long! He never wanted to take a nap and we had to save it to put it in his school projects box. So fun!!!