Thursday, June 23, 2011


After what seemed to be the worlds longest winter I was over joyed to have Spring arrive. Spring didn't really come. It was warm enough to not start your car 10 minutes before you leave & no need for a winter coat, but still not Spring. Then Summer was supposed to come. We caught 2 days of her with temps in the 90's & 100's. Then came the rain. I swear it has been almost every day for the last few weeks. Not only did the rain come, but today came the cold. Today was so cold in fact that we had to shut all the windows in the house & put the heat on. As I type this I am in a sweatshirt, jeans & socks. It is insanely cold! It is June 23, we should be laying on the beach right now, not dressed in winter gear.

It isn't so bad for me. It is the kids that have to summer. It isn't fun being stuck inside because the weather is awful. We spent many days out & about but today there was a lot of work that needed to be done around the house so we had to stay in. Normally on days like that I will send them in the backyard with the dogs. It's fully fenced & with the windows open I can pretty much hear them from anywhere in my house but the basement. That couldn't happen today with the rain/mist that was happening. So instead, we decided to make mustaches. I had bought stuff to buy them a month or so ago & today seemed perfect. The kids had a blast & thought it was awesome! How could you not!? They look so cute!!!

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