Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I got my bum in gear & FINALLY designed myself a very simple layout for my blog. If you remember it before it was boring & white. Now, a delicious yellow & gray. I am so obsessed with that color combo. It is all kinds of dreamy. I ended up buying over 100 different digital papers to use for both person & business stuff. So excited that it is FINALLY coming together. I kind of fail when it comes to making final design decisions, only when it comes to myself. I can do it very easily for others. "Silly me" as Karie would say. Love her random little phrases.

So this is my attempt at blogging more. I want to make it pretty so posting will be fun. I am going to attempt more "theme" related posts as well. Weekly theme stuff that is. I just need to find some stuff I like. So, if you have a few that you love, please share them! So far all I  have is "My Week According to Instagram" which my fabulous friend Whitney just started! It is a fun one, you should join in on that one as well.

That is all for now. My house is very quite with 2 kids napping, 2 dogs napping and a napping husband upstairs. I am sure this won't last long!


  1. So What! Wednesday is a serious favorite. Link-up with :) I want to see you here a lot more, missy!!!