Monday, August 22, 2011

My Week According to Instagram

So here is my second addtion to My Week According to Instagram. Whitney from We're Making History does her's on Sunday. I am a crazy & I have to do it Monday. I feel like I can't split up the weekend even though that is how it is on the calendar. That bothers me. lol

1. Our streets are now officially under construction. Boo. Monday they bent a gas line that needed to be fixed ASAP. It was loud ALL day!
2. Kegan & Kooper sat at the window most of the day to watch if they weren't outside watching. lol
3. I came home from a client meeting Monday night & found the boys passed out on the couch. It was just after 8pm. lol
4. I finally got around to hanging up some of my photobooth pictures. Just recently we started going into every photobooth at the weddings we shoot. It's fun.
5. Kyle bought a LOT of plants. lol
6. It has been busy. I sent out 7 sessions!
7. Showing off my blog since I was a huge fail before & never had a layout really. lol
8. My kid LOVES Lego's so much! He was so excited that he was able to build this by himself.
9. Busy busy month!
10. I was cleaning the pantry & found my bottle of BacO's....empty. Thanks Kyle. Did I mention he just eats them from the jar? lol
11. Just for Whitney. ;)
12. A photo of a photo from my Friday wedding! Myself & one of my favorite groomsmen of the day.
13. This is a VERY new thing. Karie holding Hawk. I am still shocked he let this happen.
14. If you haven't seen this movie, you should. I was at a party that night & we were talking about that movie. We went inside to use the bathroom & I come out to see Amanda holding that movie. I died. Pretty sure I am going to watch it tonight!
15. Hands down in my top 3 weddings! Mara & Matt ROCKED it! SO SO SO CUTE!

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