Friday, October 9, 2009

9:365 Broken!

So I have a really good reason for being late on my Project 365. The picture was taken yesterday but the post had to wait until today.


Well take a look!

Yup. That is Kegan in a sling. No he didn't break or sprain his arm. If you ask him he will tell you the doctor took out his bones. lol Nope. They didn't do that. What they did do was take pictures of his bones. AKA an x-ray. Why? Because my monkey child broke his collarbone! If you would have asked me who would break a bone first I would have said without any hesitation "KARIE!" She is truly a monkey.

Not this time. It was Mr. Kegan who fell down the stairs & has a hairline fracture on his collarbone! Holy Crap! The fracture is titty bitty & she said he doesn't really even need the sling. But is giving us one so that he learns to rest it a bit.

I had no idea just how common collarbone breaks are. She said in the summer she sees that almost daily. Kids falling off the jungle gym is the #1 thing followed by falling down the steps. I also had no idea how easy they are the break too! Eek!

This years seems the year of broken. Kyle breaking his ankle, Kegan with his collarbone & Karie with her chin & tongue. Does that mean I am next?!?! *knock on wood*

But, as you can see in the picture he is in high spirits. It doesn't even bother him. He isn't in any pain & could care less honestly. He only has to wear it for a couple of weeks & will have it off by Halloween.

What a monkey!

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