Tuesday, October 6, 2009

6:365 Are you ready for some Football?!?!?

This is a day late...but for a good reason. My picture is from yesterday though so I am not cheating! lol

If you aren't from Minnesota or Wisconsin you may not know the bitter rivalry between Minnesota Viking & the Green Bay Packers. When I say bitter, I mean BITTER! It has always been this way, well for at least as long as I can remember. The games between these two are insane. The fan are crazy & you stop whatever you are doing to watch the game.

Now if you are any kind of football fan at all you know who Brett Favre is. Or if you have seen "There's Something about Mary" or even the new Sears commercial. He is a big name. He played for the Packers for 16 years. An amazing QB who holds many records. Well, in August, this former Packer became a current Viking sending Packer fans into a frenzy! There "King" has betrayed them & I don't blame them for feeling this way. Favre is an amazing player than any team should be grateful to have. But, he is playing for the rivals! Way to kick Wisconsin in the face. But us Minnesotan's? The Minnesota Nice? We welcomed Mr. Favre with open arms. But like I said before, we wouldn't? Even for an almost 40 year old he is an AMAZING football player. You can't deny that.

Well, last night was the first time since Favre became a Viking that he played against his former team. The Packers.

Most of Minnesota & Wisconsin shut down to watch such a momentous game. To most of the country it was just a football game. But to us, this was probably one of the biggest games! This was, what I described it as last night, "The Viking Packer Superbowl". Honestly, that is how people were/are treating it.

It was a late game starting at almost 8! It ended after 10 but we were glued to the TV. It a great game!

If the Viking's win it would not only bring us glory but it would mean that Favre has beat every single team in the NFL.

Well, guess who came out on top?!

That's right baby!!! The Minnesota Viking's!!!

You could definitely hear the cheers around the state for that one!

I watched it with my 2 little Viking's fan & my mom & aunts.

I snapped a cute picture of my mom & Karie during a commercial break!

Welcome to Minnesota Brett!!

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