Wednesday, October 7, 2009

8:365 Lumerjacks

Today we made some major progress on the yard work. 2 of the big dying trees in the backyard are no longer! NICE! Kyle's good friend Bozer came out & helped take down the trees. He was a God send let me tell ya!!

The boys took down the first tree. The kids & I sat outside for a bit & I took some pictures but went inside before the tree came down. Kegan was oh so excited to see it fall saying "OH MY!" really loud!

I took the kids home & the boys worked on the second tree getting all the semi dead branches at the top down. When I got back it looked like a giant tall stick. Then I heard "We are letting you cut it down!" Um what?! Me?! You want ME to cut down this tree? For real? HA!

It wasn't a joke. The boys chopped at it a bit & Bozer started in with the chain saw but the rest was up to me. Let me tell ya that was an AWESOME experience! I LOVED IT! The rush you get with all that power. Oh fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Our back yard now looks like crap! There is trees EVERYWHERE! But, it really shows off just how big our yard is.

Tomorrow one of the many things we have to get done is to plant the 8 new trees! Yay!

I am really excited with all the work we have done! This is my official 365 picture!

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