Saturday, October 3, 2009

4:365 Hawk

As many of you know, or have read, we have a little 9 pound dog named Hawk. Sadly, Hawk has been staying with Kyle's cousin because he is having a tough time at the place we are living. Long story short, he doesn't like my in laws dog so he pees in their house. Thankfully Kyle's cousin can take Hawk for a while so we didn't have to put him up for adoption.

This weekend I am staying at my mom's house so Hawk was able to come home for the weekend!!!! YAY!

I cannot tell you just how amazing & wonderful it is to have my dog back. I always felt like something was missing when he was gone. Every time I came home I always expected to hear him barking. I still check the bed before I sit down to make sure I don't sit on him since he LOVES to mess up the bed & lay under the covers. I really really really missed him.

I spent so much time cuddling with him already. I have to get as many cuddles as I can in right now since I am not sure when I will see him. This weekend I didn't have a wedding so I have an entire Saturday off for once. Well, besides the photoshoot that I had this morning but those few hours are nothing compaired to a 10 hour wedding.

It is bittersweet since I know come tomorrow night he will be going back. =( I already told Kyle I can't drop him off. I know I will cry. I know we are getting him back but it still isn't easy to see my little man leave.

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