Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HOMEOWNERS & Official start to my 365!

You read that title right! WE ARE OFFICIALLY HOMEOWNERS!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!

After a 1.5+ years searching & 30+ offers one finally stuck & today we made it ours!

Honestly though, it doesn't seem real. I thought, and told myself, that when I have the keys it will feel real. But it doesn't. lol I know it will, it will just take some time. Maybe when I see that bank account a lot lower than I am used to it will sink in ;)

I also am starting my Project 365 today. I said many moons ago that I would start my 365 on the day we close on a house. Today we close so it's very fitting that this is my 365 picture of the day!

1:365 KEYS

Those are THE keys! Nothing special but those little things mean the world to me right now!

I can't believe we are homeowners!

Check out the house. The siding will be going in about a year or so but a new paint job did a world of difference!!

I don't LOVE the green & wish it were darker but it looks light years better than it did before.

I leave you with a kiss!! <3

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