Friday, September 25, 2009

OMG Panic Mode!

So we close in a few days. Wednesday. Eeek! But as previous posts said we have to have everything done for the FHA final approval by Monday. Monday is coming SOON. VERY soon! We had some snags in our help with my FIL & all the work has stopped.

Can we say PANIC!

Thankfully Kyle has Sunday off. He called in some favors & I am SO grateful that some of his friends are able to come help him. Beer & a BBQ on Sunday for the boys! My family is going over tomorrow to do what they can to help. My mom & 2 of my aunts. My other aunt is going to watch the kids since I have to shoot a wedding & Kyle was to work. My uncle might make it over too which would be great!

The garage is all primed & only the front & part of the side of the house. There is a little bit in the back that is primed but not much. One side hasn't even been touched.

Forgive my crappy iPhone picture. I didn't have my camera with me that day. Surprising I know! But it does happen from time to time. So you can see how far with the primer it has gone in the back. The whole left side of the house hasn't been touch. The right side only about 8 or 9 feet up has been done.

Not to mention we have some painting to be done inside & some trim work to do also. So needless to say there is quite a bit of work still left to do & I am freaking out.

This whole home buying process hasn't been easy for us. Not even one little thing has been easy. It has honestly, been pure hell! The thought of looking for another house in the future, since we won't live here forever, kind of has me wanting to vomit. Hopefully the next time around won't be so rough. Can I just win the lottery please? Then I won't have to deal with any of this crap. I can just pay someone to be stressed for me. Haha! If only right?

It has been ALL panic though. My aunt L & I went shopping today for things for the house. Mainly the bathroom & kids bedrooms. She was beyond kind & bought us SO much stuff. Kegan got all new bedding, which I might add is so awesome, a lamp for his room, shades & a few other things. Karie got all new bedding & a new lamp. Finding her shades wasn't as easy & I think I will end up sewing those myself. She went from, in my mind, having a purple room to a pink & brown room. OMG it's so cute though. Pictures of it all will come eventually. I already picked out chocolate & steal blue for my bathroom ages ago & finally found the PERFECT shower curtain. Did they have it in stock anywhere? Nope. Not even online! It's new so I am not worried. Plus I don't need it right away. They said their website it updated hourly. I will stalk it until I get it. lol I did get a curtain rod & curtain holders.

It felt awesome out buying things for the house. I know that when we are handed the keys to our house on Wednesday I will cry. We have worked so hard for this. It has been a very long year & a half search. Longer if you count the 6 months before that I search Edina Reality online for homes. Either way, it has been really long time. Too long for this mama.

I just have to keep postive. Even though I am in total panic mode I have to stay postive. Even though I feel like I am losing control, or that I never had it to begin with on this house, I have to believe that it will turn out fine. I have some many awesome friends & family there to support & help us any way they can. I am so grateful for that. My support system ROCKS!

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