Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1 Week!!!

2 posts in one day?!


Not only are Kyle & I celebrating 6 years but WE CLOSE ON OUR HOUSE IN 1 WEEK!!! OMG!

FIL has been over there working on the outside. Only 2 full days & part of 1 was Kyle able to help since he had to work. I hadn't seen the house since Sunday but I saw it today. I am SO glad I did. It is coming along nicely but holy crap does the green look AWFUL. It looks NOTHING like the sample. Only one coat was put on. It was just....bad. We are going to have it tinted darker or exchange them for another color. Something a lot darker.

But it's coming along. The electrician is fixing what needs to be fixed tomorrow. The guy redoing the main floor bathtub was there today.


Check it out!

I know awful right?! It's SO much lighter than the sample!!

You can see it's coming along!!

It looks like a new house from halfway down!! Oh & our BEAUTIFUL mailbox! lol

I found this one on the internet:

Think Kyle would be okay with us getting one like that???   Yea....I don't think he would either! lol

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