Sunday, September 27, 2009

I am BEAT!

Today was spent at our future home with my mom, aunts, Kyle, Bozer, Fitch, Tim & my FIL trying to get as much of the house done as we could. We got some good news that FHA wasn't coming until Tuesday so we didn't have to stress like we orginally were.

We got the entire garage done, the back & front of the house & almost all of both the sides of the house. We racked up all the paint chips (FHA doesn't approve it if there are any paint chips) which was a pain in the butt! Saturday my family was over there working. They cut the grass, twice over, and ripped out a bunch of crap in the back. It looks great so far! It made me reazlise just how big our back yard really is. It also gave us a look at the back fence, which is a piece of junk. I am going to go talk to those neighbors once we move in & see if that fence is theres or ours. If it's ours, it goes. If not, we will just put up our own fence. Hawk can totally get through the holes & that is the last thing we need!

Everyone is just beat. We worked our buns off! Kyle & I couldn't do it without the help of our friends & family. They helped SO much!

We were so busy that I didn't get a chance to take many pictures. Bummer! But that is okay, there is plenty of time to take pictures once we have the keys. SO EXCITED!

I didn't realize how big of a dork I look when I paint! lol

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