Friday, September 9, 2011

What were you doing 8 years ago?

It was 2003 & it was my second day at my new job. I didn't know waking up that day that I would be meeting the man I was going to marry! It was like any other day at any other new job. I remember going in for training like everyone had to do their first week. I worked downtown Minneapolis & our offices were in two buildings. Kyle & I worked in the same building but training was in another. For some reason Kyle had to make up part of the day at my training class. So after lunch he walked with me from one building to the other. I remember being so nervous. I maybe said 3 words to him walk over. I thought he was SO cute. I was barely 19 & probably the shyest person you'd ever meet. If you know me now you might not believe that. I am extremely outgoing & talk to just about anyone in any situation.

I remember towards the end of training our class played a game. We had to be split into 2 teams & Kyle was on my team. He sat next to me. I remember him saying to me "Do my feet smell?" as he shows me that he has no shoes on. Yea...he had game. lol I could barely spit out the word no because I was so nervous. Our team won the game. We won these random fish. Some were blue & some were orange. We traded our fish because he knew I wanted the blue one. Random right?!

After that we went back to the other office & went home. I was blogging back then too. I have been blogging since about 1995 & started my online journal in 2002. So I went back & read my journal from that day. Here are a few highlights:

"I went to the second half of training with Kyle today. He's adorable. I was so nervous talking to him. I felt like such a dork."

lol It is true. I remember thinking how nerdy he must think I am. I was so awkward & shy. He was so handsome & confident. I just couldn't believe he was talking to me. I also said:

"I have the dumbest smile on my face. It's been there all day."

How funny is that? I remember that day so vividly. I had just gotten out of a relationship & wasn't looking for anything serious. I didn't even think that I had a chance with Kyle honestly. lol I was the dorky awkward girl & he was the hot fresh out of college guy. lol Opposites do attract!

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