Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall is in the air!

Now that it is unofficially fall, it means that it is Apple Orchard Season. If you know me...even a little will know that I have an unhealthy obsession/love with Apple Orchards. I say unhealthy because I have a love for Apple Donuts. I could eat them buy the box full. I eat one or two donuts a year but when it comes to Apple Orchard Season, I don't even want to give you a number! Lets just say it is far to many. lol But they are so good & so hard to say no to. I'd call myself an expert when it comes to all things Apple Orchard related. I have my favorites. Unfortunately my favorites aren't all close. One of my favorites happens to be in Northfield...45 minutes away. That one we only go to once a year...but it is well worth it. They probably the best Apple Donuts. When those suckers come out fresh, it puts any other donut to shame! Yum! They also have the biggest pumpkins I've ever seen & a killer Orchard for pictures. Pretty sure I am going to do family pictures there later this fall.

For me the season started on Tuesday (always the day after Labor Day in my eyes) so spending a few hours at the Orchard just felt like a great way to kick off the season! It was just the 4 of us that went. Of course it being so early in the season there wasn't many people at all. Plus it was a weekday so that helped. We went to Pine Tree in White Bear Lake. I adore this Orchard. It is a smaller one with not a lot of kid activities but I still really love it. They have a huge barn where they have a billion kinds of apple treats (they have awesome Apple Donuts), a big machine that separates the apples, they have juices, ciders & maple products too. It's fun! Of course samples of the different kids of apples too! You can walk a bit of the Orchard & check out the history of the place too. They have picnic tables to eat lunch at and/or your apple treats as well. Sunday & Monday they have tractor rides (which every kid loves) and come closer to Halloween they have a few kid related things out. Even without that stuff. They kids have a blast. It's big so they can run off their sugar highs from the donuts & us parents can sit back & watch our kids enjoy one of our favorite places.

Of course what would be trip to the Orchard without pictures?! I went for a more vintage look with the pictures too. Trying something a little different.

Even though it isn't a pick your own Orchard, Karie always feels the need to do it. She LOVES apples & will scarf them down pretty quickly. Some people may gag at the fact that she picked the apple from the tree & just ate it without washing it. There are such things as good germs ya know. ;)

I love this little area. Year after year I take pictures in this area. Pretty much the same tree! I love it.

Kegan was totally rocking the faux hawk & Gingham button down. How cute is that? It's so fally. lol I know it's not a word but whatever. He totally looks like he belongs there!

While Kegan is the only kid on the planet who doesn't eat fruit (totally broken) he sure likes the look & feel of apples so I couldn't resists getting a picture. Plus, I was planning to take a picture to use on my fanpage on Facebook, Coopet Photography, and that is what I did!

We headed down the hill to buy our donuts & have a mini picnic!

Of course you'd think my family was only 3 people as you don't see me very often since I am always taking the pictures. One of these trips though I am forcing the husband to be the picture taker. I need to look like I was there too! lol

Since it was our first donuts of the year we had to take a few pictures with them. lol They are insanely tasty let me tell ya. If you haven't ever had them, my soul hurts for you. They are delish!

And finally "Hey Karie, let's smell them." hahahaha Oh geeze! Could they be any cuter? Don't think so!

Because we love the Orchard so much....we are going there again tonight with some friends...I am sure I will have my camera with tonight too!!

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