Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Week According to Instagram

These last two weeks have been a complete blur for the most part! I have been so busy! With a trip out of town, The State Fair, Valleyfair & 4 weddings I have been a busy lady! Not to mention Kegan starting Preschool next week & having his birthday party too! That is just the stuff I can remember! lol So, I missed last weeks Instagram update. I was SUPPOSED to do it again yesterday...and failed. Instead, I am going to cram the last two weeks into one post! lol

1. This is how I found Karie. She passed out on the couch with  her tea cup in her hand.
2. Another sleeping picture of Karie. Aww she loves her Hello Kitty she got from our friend Jennifer for Christmas.
3. When we were on vaca the kids collected as many shells as they could. This was just from ONE outing!!
4. I love this picture so much! It is Kegan on my dads shoulders as they walked through Big Island.
5. Karie & Nancy catching some sun at the pool!
6. Me too!!!
7. Karie & I! Aww love her.
8. Karie holding her first fish.
9. This was my first attempt at a french braid.
10. Getting ready to go out. We took the boat to dinner which was so neat!
11. This was the sunset we saw when we were leaving dinner that night. We saw the whole thing from the boat. Amazing.
12. lol Karie holding Hawk. I find this so amusing because Hawk is the biggest crab I know!
13. Watching Transformers in the backyard!
14. CUPCAKE NAILS! This was my first attempt & not so bad.
15. I did Karie's too so we matched!
16. We went to the fair & Karie passed out. She was so tired.
17. Kegan on the ATV!
18. Tyler & I went to Valleyfair & the last time we were on the "Monster" (we call it the Octopus) we did this same picture.
19. My pups! I don't post about them enough!

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