Thursday, September 8, 2011

Apple Orchard Round #2

So it has been only 2 days since we were last at the Orchard, but we decided to go again. This time without Kyle & adding some friends. My girlfriend Chalayne came along with her two girls, Ally & Kate. We have done this in the past & this will not be the last time we do it this year either!

The kids were all slightly insane today. But from my feed on Facebook it looks like it wasn't just our kids that were losing their minds. lol It seemed to be a nationwide trend. Either way, we had a good time.

All the kids checked out the "Apple Factory" but sadly it wasn't on. Doesn't matter though because they liked to see everything.

I love how they display their apples for people to buy! It is so insanely cute!

Of course you can't leave the building without your apple treats. On top of our donuts we also bought Apple Syrup. We have never had it before so we thought we'd try it! We had our snacks & the kids ran around like crazy people stopping a few times to play a quick game of "Ring Around the Rosey".

Such goofballs. Then it was off to the red barn to take a picture of the kids. We did it last year & I knew we had to try it again. We sat the kids down in the same order they were last year. Pretty sure this needs to be a yearly though. I don't think however they will all fit on those steps when they are bigger. lol

I can't believe in one year how much they have all grown!

lol I love it! So cute! After that we walked back down to the other red barn to check out all the old apple farming stuff!

The kids for the most part were being insane. We told them not to run, they ran more. We told them to run, they ran faster. lol Nothing was working. I knew that I had to capture their craziness even though it was driving me nuts!

Kind of perfect. I love these little munchkins!

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