Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pre K here we come!

Monday Kegan started Pre K at Noah's Ark in Circle Pines. While he is old enough to start Kindergarten (his birthday is in August) we feel that holding him back a year was best. They say boys born around the Kindergarten cut off benefit from an extra year! Funny enough a lot of my friends with boys born around the same time are also holding off until next year. So, Kegan started Pre K this week. I still can't believe that my boy is old enough to be in school. It boggles me mind!

I was nervous. Kegan was nervous. I play cool. I didn't want him to know just how nervous I was. I was excited, don't get me wrong, but this was the first time Kegan was going to be away from me with anyone other than very close family. I was nervous for him. Before class I dropped Karie off with my aunt Patty. I had no idea how it was going to go & I didn't want Karie there if I had to spend the first 20 minutes of class there with him.

He was excited to use his new backpack. His school hadn't gotten in their new bags for the kids so Batman was able to make an appearance. Of course wearing his new favorite shirt, Superman. Pretty much anything blue will do these days. It was very warm that day, 90 degrees so shorts it was. His first homework assinment was to fill out this train. The only way it could have been more prefect for my train loving boy is if the train was blue! lol It asked for his birthday, what his favorite food was & what he likes to do. He said his favorite food was Pizz and that he likes to play in his tree house & with his legos. Aww!

The drop off was emotional. He cried a lot. At first he was okay. We signed him in & checked out his room. He even went to the big table & played at bit.

When he realized that I wasn't staying he started to cry. I hugged him & I started to cry. I didn't let him see it because I didn't want him to think that I was scared. I wasn't, I was just really sad that he was sad. :( His teacher was really nice & kind of took over. She talked to him & was trying to distract him from being sad. I gave him a hug & a kiss & said I would be back in a few hours. I didn't want to prolong the sad. I knew from my years of helping my aunts teach Sunday School that the longer the parents stay, the harder it is. So I left making sure he knew I'd be back. I walked in the hall & cried. He cried. I collected myself a few minutes later. I peeked around the corner & there he was fine & dandy playing.

A few hours later, like I told him, I picked him up. He came running to me yelling "MOMMY!" He was so excited. We went to his basket & looked at all the things he got & made. It was pretty neat to see my boy have projects to bring home. He even said he wanted to go back the next day.

Tuesday was good. While the morning was quite crazy & I thought we were going to be late, we weren't. They are redoing the streets in our neighborhood so we have to park at the end of the block. Kegan was having troubles with his shoes so I was worried. But we weren't!

Kegan had the sharing bag which means he had to bring something to show off in class. I was really curious about what he'd bring. He has a million toys & everything is his favorite. lol He picked his car. I asked him why the car & he said "Because my dad made it for me." Awwww See Kyle works for Lowes & sometimes the Boy Scouts come in to make these race cars. They asked Kyle to run one of these sessions because he knows the most about tools. So before the kids came in Kyle made a test car knowing that he would be giving it to Kegan. He has loved it since. He is really excited to paint it with Kyle sometime soon.

School went okay. He tripped at the playground & fell & only cried a little bit. He was okay. He was a lot more tight lipped around what he did in class. However he did spend a majority of the afternoon singing a song he learned. It was cute.

Wednesday was a rough day. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed & was crabby. We all have those days.

You can tell by his uber fake smile that he wasn't happy. He was happy however to hug Karie for some reason. Probably because he didn't want to leave & knew that it would make me want to take a picture & delay going to school.

The drop off was tough & there were tears. :( It was sad. When I picked him he was happy & ready to see me. That lasted all about 3 seconds when he turned back into Crabasourus Rex. He said he cried a lot at school. I am not 100% sure because he wouldn't tell me. I emailed his teacher to ask her what happened to make him so upset. It isn't really like him to be this way but then again, it could be just one of those days.

I am not going to paint a picture of my family as perfect. We are far from it. lol Kegan is having a less than perfect day & that is okay.

He is off school now until Monday. Hopefully Monday goes better than today. I know that he will eventually get into a routine & it will be okay. Right now things are just super new for him & it is kind of scary.

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