Monday, April 4, 2011

What's new with the Coopet Crew!

It has been many months since I posted pictures of the kids. I have taken lots, uploaded few. Life sometimes is so busy it's hard to focus on the small stuff. We have to make sure we tell ourselves to stop, take it all in or it will be over before we even had to chance to enjoy it. I tell my brides that just about every weekend. I really need to take my own advice.

So me? What is new with me? Not a whole lot. Still love my job. Can I even call it a job? It is way too much fun to call it a job! Still blonde! Pretty sure this is the longest I have been blonde in a while. I had the urge the other  night after watching Yes Man to dye my hair dark brown & give myself bangs! NO WON'T DO IT! I am however debating thick bangs. But, not until my hair is longer.

Kyle is doing well. Still at his same job. Still working on the house. He has been going out with his friends a lot more & he really needed that! It makes him happy!

How cute is that? Kyle "proposed" to me again right before Christmas with a new wedding ring! He got it all on pictures too!!!!

Kids are doing amazing! Kegan is brillant with numbers. He can find them everywhere & loves to count & do things with numbers. He turns everything into a numbers game! Karie is crazy, loud & oh so girly! She is just like me when I was a kid! Not sure if I need to be worried. lol

One of these days, possibly this weekend, I will take some updated pictures of the house! I can't wait for summer when we are able to start planting!!!!

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