Monday, April 25, 2011

I am getting married...again!

You did read that right. I am getting married...again. But wait you ask, aren't you already married? Yes, I am married. 4 years. 4 happy years. We are however, getting married again. We are renewing our vows next year. April 7th, 2012. Where you ask? Sedona, AZ. A little random yes, but insanely beautiful! Neither of us have ever been there before. We were orginally thinking Vegas but after googling Sedona, that totally changed our minds. This place looks just amazing.

Of course being a girl, I dove right into planning. How could I not? Being a wedding photographer this is something that I think about a lot. I love the idea of doing something different. I don't want that typical wedding feel. I did that once. It was boring to me. Nothing stood out. I want this one to stand out. I want to be proud to display those pictures on my walls & have it be something that we will for sure we taking about many years later. Don't get my wrong, I loved my first wedding. I love standing there with my husband telling him that I love him & that we'd be together forever. I loved my dress & the food. I just wish it was a little That is what we plan to do with this wedding.

I have a folder where I have saved inspiration pictures. Dress, shoes, hair, makeup, lack there of. One thing I am really excited about it my bouquet. I am making a brooch bouquet.

How amazing is that? I want bright colors. The ceremony is going to take place in the red rocks (think Grand Canyon) so I think bright colors will stand out. I can't stop thinking about it. I am going to make this piece. Buying something like this can run as high as $1,500, at least from what I saw, and that is CRAZY to me. Plus, I LOVE being crafty. I will buy the brooches myself & make it. I also might ask friends/family if they want to donate a brooch. That way some will have a special meaning. So I am really excited to start work on this one!!!

So far I am just have one Bridesmaid. Angel, who is my Maid of Honor. Love her! We aren't sure if we will be having anymore than 1 on each side. We will figure that out ASAP. I want to make sure we give people enough time to plan since this isn't your typical wedding.

I am decided against flower bouquets for my girl(s). Not a Brooch one either. I am thinking a Parasol. I love the look of them & I think not only will it be fun it will also work great where we are getting married.

No flowers for the guys either. Not at all for them. Since they aren't wearing tuxes, there isn't a point. Think more beach attire. Nice khaki pants & white button ups. Not sure on shoes for those guys. That is something the man will have to decide on.

Wednesday I am starting the great wedding dress search. Of course I had to do something different & am choosing to do a short dress. That isn't easy so thankfully I have time to look. Of course I also have really expensive taste & the dress I want is $8,500. Ouch! That isn't going to happen but hopefully I can find something just as awesome!

So that is just a glimpse in our wedding planning! Super excited!!

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