Sunday, April 10, 2011

The quest to add another baby to the family!

Did I say baby? I met puppy...or dog. No kids for us anytime soon! I am talking dogs. That's right. Another one. Kyle still thinks I am slightly crazy but he has agreed to add another one.

Miss Karie has been asking for a cat. Kyle is allergic or we would have had a kitten the first day she asked! I have been telling her no for quite some time. She then started asking for a small dog. We have Hawk but he is too big for Karie to carry around & isn't really a huge fan of anyone but me. Karie really wants an animal of her own.

So my quest began. It isn't easy. I have a hard time paying for a dog from a breeder. I am a totally shelter person. All the pets that I have ever had came from a shelter or someone had to get rid of their animal & we took them before the shelter came into play. Hawk we rescued from a lady who had to get rid of all her animals. We drove far but totally worth it. Kooper came from our local Humane Society.

Unfortunately, finding a small dog, or a small dog puppy, is almost impossible in a shelter. When you come across them they are sickly, need a lot of medical attention because their past owners were fails or they aren't good with kids, dogs or cats. Not good. We don't have cats but the dog might go to my moms at times & she has cats. Either way, it's not easy. We THOUGHT we found the perfect dog. We even drove 2.5 hours on way to get her. We then realized that the dog wasn't going to work for our family.

It was back to the drawing board. I am debating a puppy but the cost is crazy & I hate the money isn't going to a shelter like it is when you adopt. I have looked online & of course all the puppies I see are far away. I should mention we are looking for a Chihuahua or a Min Pin (the breed of dog Hawk is). We want something small like I said. We also want a girl dog this time too.

I did some emailing of people on Craigslist. I found some promising adds but no responses yet.

Here's to hoping!

Not my dog but my goodness how cute is she!?

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