Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh yea...there is a month called "May"

I totally skipped blogging...all of May. My attempt to blog more totally failed! I do have to say though that May was insane. 7 weddings & countless photoshoots. It was pretty much all work & no play. But, that is what summer aka wedding season is all about right?

The house is coming along nicely. We are ready for paint in the kids rooms. We are completely sheet rocked in the entire house too. Floor tile is in & now we need wall & ceiling tile in too. Hopefully the kitchen can be started too. I am oh so excited for that...and the main floor bathroom. Both of those were pretty much 100% me & I can't wait to see my vision come to life!

Kids, hubby & I are all well. Hawk isn't. He is in tons of pain & not sure what we are going to do. He has an appointment early tomorrow morning so hopefully we will know more then. Speaking of Hawk, he turned 8 yesterday. I gave him lots of treats in the morning before I left for my wedding. <3 Poor little guy.

My hair is now blonde which I love by the way. I totally missed my blonde hair & for the past 6 months I never felt like myself. I do now. I love it.

And just for fun, a few pictures.

None with Daddy. He fails at pictures lately. Maybe, since he is off today, I can force him to take a couple of pictures with us...maybe. lol

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