Friday, April 30, 2010

The house the house the lovely house!

I stopped by the house today to take a few new pictures. Not only for myself but also to blog about too. lol I like to share. So lets begin shall we!

The 1st picture was taken about a month ago. The second one was taken today. Not a ton has changed but you can see we have a "new" screen door (as in the one from the side door) & new landscaping around the trees. You can kind of see the new fence on the right side too. Also the grass is a heck of a lot greener now too. lol It is getting there. The front tree on the left is dying so it needs to come down before it comes down on the house. Yikes! You can also see my two little peanuts sitting on the front steps of the house. Too cute!

This is the new front walk way. It looks SO much better than before. I just wish those stupid orange rocks weren't there. Have I mentioned just how much I HATE the orange rock?! I also need to figure out what to do on the other side where all the dirt is. Maybe plant some plants or something. I need something pretty even it's just some boring green plant. Better than boring grass. lol

 That awesomely ugly plastic is whats keeping my basement from flooding. I can't wait for it to be covered up. But for now, I will settle with ugly.

This is a nice sight to see. I hated the orange rocks. lol I can't say that enough. The fence is coming out & being replaced. More stones are going down too. These stones are all wet so this isn't the true color. They are lighter like the front walk way. We got a really good deal on these giant things. We also have ugly gray ones. Kyle buys ugly things sometimes. Like white rock? Um no. That is going bye bye for sure!

This is the start of our fence. It will be so nice to have a fence here considering there was nothing here when we moved in.

This is the current sate of Karie's room. Kegan's looks the same but his room is filled with stuff so it was hard to take a picture of. All the sheetrock is down & all the insulation has been replaced. All the windows have been taken out & got all new casings. All the trim will be replaced & the carpet too. Along with a new door. Of course new sheetrock too. lol

This room has changed a lot too. We actually have some walls up! OMG! We have a new window & the two others we taken out & all the casings replaced here too. We will be getting a new floor which I admit I am sad about. I love the old hardwood but it was put in really badly & it will be impossible to save. So new floors it is.

That is really all that is anything "exciting". I just can't wait until it's all done. All the walls are painted. All the pictures on hung & we are living there. That will be an exciting blog post for sure!

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  1. I love this post! I wonder from time to time what's going on with the house..I love construction and all. It's looking so cute and nice!