Friday, May 6, 2011

The joy of nice weather!

Anyone who knows me, knows that winter is my least favorite season. I pretend I like it, but really, I downright hate it. I hate being cold. I hate jackets, I hate boots, I hate hats & mittens. I pretend, but, I hate it. It is has been a cold Spring. Several days with snow, lots of rain & insanely windy. Those few warm days we have we spend most of it outside. That includes meals even! I love grilling so any chance to do that tickle's my soul. I love it!

Yesterday was so nice! I was so excited to stay out & stay out late. The kids got dirty, they chased the dogs, looked for bunnies & helped pick up sticks for the bonfire. Kegan loves to climb so it was no surprise he climbed up the tree stump. Even less surprising was him jumping off...over and over again. He jumps off everything!

He is such a boy!!! Although he does not like to get dirty. He is getting better though. If he is outside, being dirty is okay. It is okay because at least we are outside! Inside & dirty is a whole other story! lol He is my boy though. I adore him. He is oh so handsome!!

How can you not love that face?!

Then we have Karie...aka Mimi. Or Moo. Those are her nicknames of the moment. Her names are often changing for whatever the mood is. Moo is there all the time. Not even sure where that even came from. But, it's there. Karie loves to be outside too. She loves the dogs. She would spend all day petting them, chasing them & loving them!

More than anything she wants a dog of her own. Hawk loves her only when he can't cuddle with me. Kooper loves everyone but he is so big & goofy. She wants a little dog to love. Someday it will happen.

She is silly however. She is always making funny faces & saying the funniest things. Well, and dressing pretty silly too. See her leggers & rain boots? lol Silly girl! I love her.

I am truly blessed for such amazing kids. I adore them!!!

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