Tuesday, November 2, 2010

September & October...I failed you too!

Apparently I am not a good blogger when it comes to my personal blog. I can keep up with my private one & my photography blog...just not this one.

I swear I will make a change to update this more. I swear. Maybe not this year...but for 2011 for sure! ;)

For now...a few updated pictures!

The house is coming along. It is pretty much done besides the kitchen & main floor bathroom. Our basement is of course not done, besides the bathroom, but we aren't sure if we really plan to finish it. At least not right now. Maybe just make it look a little better. Putting tile down (or something on the floor) and painting all the brick down there. We want to set up the basement furniture & have a play room for the kids somewhere down there. They have big toys that will only fit in the basement. Toys like a princess castle and a dinosaur tent that the kids can crawl inside of. That will only work in the basement for sure!

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