Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What is going on there?

Let's do an update shall we?

Everyone is getting bigger...well, I say, the kids are. Us adults are pretty much staying the same!

Kegan is no longer a toddler...or even a preschooler, he looks like a little man!
That face is impossible to get mad at! lol He gets away with a lot! The kid is smart as one can be. He is a little shy at first but seems to warm up after a while. He loves to give us & I could spend the day tickling him because he laugh cure the worlds sadness! Aww

Now Miss Karie? Girl is CRAZY! She is really coming into her own & her personality is the funniest thing around. She loves to make people laugh & isn't very shy. She says hi to everyone & loves to run around. She is our danger dog & I know she will have some broken bones in her lifetime. But if that is the worst of it, we will be happy!

Kyle got a promotion & is working close to home! We love that! It is so nice to spend more time with him. Although all that extra time is being spent working at the house...which we will get to later! He is still a great dad & I swear the kids love him more than they love me! But I love him the most ;)

This was us on Valentine's Day. Kyle had to work so I surprised him with dinner at Chipolte. Sounds silly hun? Well, he gets an hour for lunch. Not long enough for a sit down place...especially on Vday. So I talked to the manager at Chipolte & asked if I could decorate a table for us & surprise him. They were more than willing and I did it. Kyle was SO surprised. It was a great night!

As far as I go, not much has changed....besides my hair color. lol I am still working doing photography, been a lot busier which is great. That is honestly all. I am boring.

The house is coming along. We have some walls, new electrical, plumbing, hot water heater, furnace, some is moving along. Slowly but surely we will get there!

The blog will have a new look soon. I am working on it & hope to have it up this week! I also hope to start posting more. I post more in my photography blog, but I feel like I have more to "say" there. lol

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